What’s a house concert?

Hi folks!

Times are tough for musicians… Venues across the US have cut back on live music. Because of high gas prices and economic hardship, attendance at shows is dropping, and restaurant and club managers are increasingly seeing live performance as an economic risk. It’s hard to guarantee a musician a reasonable fee when the venue isn’t even sure they’ll have a full dining room or listening room. I’ve seen this first-hand. One terrific local venue canceled their entire summer entertainment schedule (me included), and has only reinstated it with fewer dates at half of the budget.

Do YOU want to support your local or touring musician, in a no-risk, personal way? One really great opportunity to do this- HOUSE CONCERTS! If you have an averaged-sized living room, and friends and neighbors who’d come over and share a couple of hours of great music, then YOU could be a house concert host!

Below is a YouTube video about house concerts. Check it out…

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