Top 5’s of 2008 and 2009!

Hi, Folks!

My New Year resolution was to be more timely and topical with my mailing list emails to you all. It’s January 14th, and I blew it already, considering THIS is my New Year email.


Regardless, my Top 5 “Highlights of 2008”:

5. Kerrville Folk Festival! Thanks to YOU, and all the other people who donated money for the trip, or hosted a fundraiser in your local art gallery or ice cream shop, or sent me all kinds of positive wishes, I was able to travel to Kerrville, Texas and compete in one of the most prestigious contests in the world. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! It’s an experience that will be with me the rest of my life, and will fuel my songwriting, resume, and self-esteem. If you haven’t looked, there are YouTube videos of my two songs at

4. FAWM! I dropped every second of my free time last Winter to take part in February Album Writing Month, a challenge to create 14 new songs in one month. I didn’t make it to 14, but I ended up with a few of my favorite new songs, including “Dig Our Way Out”, “Hold Up”, and “Open Range”, co-authored by my friend and co-FAWMer, Aaron Nathans. “Hold Up” was even selected to be on FAWM’s 2008 compilation CD! It’ll be out in just a few short weeks!

3. School! I consider myself to be lucky to have the best possible “day job”, teaching music at the K-12 West Rutland School. I teach everything from 4th-6th Grade general music classes, to High School Chorus, to instrumental lessons, to Jazz Combo, to Rock Lab. (That’s sometimes all in one day!) I’m always energized and renewed by my students’ enthusiasm and readiness to make music.

2. Turning a corner in American politics! Need I say more?

1. Marriage! The biggest news of the year, was, of course, getting married to my best friend, Allison. And we had the perfect wedding– Perfect for US, that is. Outside at a State Park in our beloved Vermont, with our friends and family, fellow musicians playing, and a “cake” made of one of our favorite Rutland delicacies, Jones’ Donuts.

Things to look forward to in 2009:

5. A gig THIS weekend in NYC! Jeff Kimball, Aaron Nathans, and myself will all be playing at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, New York City at 7:30PM Sunday, January 18th. It’s a long weekend, a great time to be in the city! I do have some FREE tickets I can give you, if you let me know ASAP!

4. New website features! I’ve been stockpiling videos for the VIDEOS page of the website. I have vids from Kerrville, Old Iron Spring Festival, and First Night Saranac Lake. I’ve also added a spot for bootleg live MP3s… The first is our set from the Falcon Ridge Budgiedome late night set. They’re unedited, simple “warts-and-all” recordings. Check those out at the Phil’N’Go page!

3. New recordings! Too separate compilations from FAWM are being released, and I made sure to get a bunch for giveaways. You’ll have first crack at ’em! I’m hoping to have a brand new CD done before year’s end! I know, promises, promises…

2. Turning a corner in American politics! Need I say more?

1. Another year of gigs and fellowship with my favorite musicians!

How was your 2008?
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