Is Phil a Conservative Republican?!

Right Wing Folk Song Cover

Is Phil a Conservative Republican?!


Recently, I did a gig with my good friends Kate Blain and Gary Moon at a great venue in the NY Capitol Region. It was a folk coffeehouse/dinner kind of gig, all acoustic, trading songs, as we do for our “Detour” gigs…

Gary played his new tune, “Eyes Wide Open,” which is rather critical of the Bush administration. (And a damn fine song, I might add. My favorite of his newest batch of songs.) After intermission, a table of listeners stood up and left, telling the owner that they did not like the political slant of the music.

So, what did people expect, if they come to a FOLK show? As songwriters, we’re all in debt to the greats who came before us- Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie… All of whom looked at the problems in the world- both political and personal- and wrote songs to combat them.

Someone joked that night, “Did they expect Right-Wing Conservative folk music?!”

So, here it is, “The Right-Wing Conservative-Republican Folk Song (God Bless The FOX TV News)”.

It may be a little sarcastic in tone…

It’s on the MUSIC page.